Notices Of Alleged Copyright Infringement

Stream Live Sports does not Stream,host, control, transmit, or maintain any of the the audio and video content linked on, neither do we practice any sort of decision making authority or influence over such content. We are solely a public internet service provider where we display “EXTERNAL” links which displays content on the websites of other parties, Who are not related to us in any way. Moreover, We are not liable for anything related to the content which is hosted, controlled, transmitted, and maintained by any of the sites that we link to. All such liability rests solely on the third parties responsible for hosting the content.

Stream Live Sports has been alerted with the allegations of unauthorized and illegal content made available through the links posted on this site, But due to the fact that we are a Public Internet service provider for a Huge amount of traffic, and the sheer number of hyper-links posted to our site, it is not possible or practical for us to actively investigate the legality of every link posted here. However, We tend to take action when we are notified of a potential copyright infringement or other unauthorised content use. Stream live sports will be more than to remove/ban any link or links in question if, and when, such allegations are substantiated. In such cases we will do our best to remove said link(s) as soon as is reasonably possible. Since its hard to reach perfection is such matters, We suggest that the original copyright holder contacts the site where the content is located and deals directly with them rather than contacting us.

Copyright holders and their agents who have discovered any links to illegal or unauthorised content, should contact us and with the page link, so we could give it a look and remove it if it tends to show any unauthorized content.


The ownership and management of StreamLiveSports Now have worked to establish policies and procedures that will ensure legal compliance as well as a prompt, courteous, and effective response to all complaints and formal notifications of infringement. We ask that all persons or entities filing notices or complaints adhere strictly to the notification procedures as outlined above, in order to help us address concerns promptly and correctly.