Live Liverpool vs Sunderland Game on 26th of March

Well, football fans are looking forward to watch live Liverpool vs Sunderland game on 26th March on their TV sets or live football streaming websites. If you don’t want to miss a live match, live football streaming sites are an excellent option in case you don’t have access to TV. We will let you know about a good website at the end of the article where you can watch Liverpool vs Sunderland streaming free. But for now, back to the preview of match on 26th March. Liverpool fans are really pumped up for the match as their team is in good position to grab their 19th major league title. With a win against Sunderland, Liverpool will be within a point of current Premiere League Champions, Chelsea. But is this that easy for Liverpool to win against Sunderland? Lets look into the facts…
Facts to Look For…
Liverpool is playing excellent football this year in Premiere League scoring with an average of 4 goals in each game. So far, they have scored 82 goals in the league matches that is a record with 8 games still to go. On the other hand, Sunderland past indicates that they are not comfortable playing away especially at Anfield. For example, in their last 12 visits to Anfield, the team scored just 5 goals. The star Liverpool Striker, Suarez has already scored 28 goals this season and played a vital role in his team’s victories in Premiere League. His nearest rival as leading goal scorer with 19 goals is also his team mate, Daniel Sturridge.
What Fans can expect from the Liverpool vs Sunderland Match?
Stats and facts are not in favor of Sunderland neither their performance in this season. With their star striker in playing eleven and an excellent record at Anfield, Liverpool has an upper hand in the upcoming match. According to predictions by experts, there is 4/1 chance for Liverpool to win the match.
With their recent win against Cardiff City on Saturday with 6 goals, the Liverpool team is already a serious contestant for this year’s Premiere League title. Overall, it looks like a very difficult task for Sutherland to even draw a match against Liverpool on their home soil.
Where to Watch live Free Football Streaming of Liverpool vs Sunderland Game on 26th March?
There are number of good online options to watch live football streaming of premier league matches but most of the online football streaming websites are charged. If you are looking for free live football streaming website, your options are limited. A good high quality website where you can watch Liverpool vs Sunderland streaming free is is an authentic name when it comes to free football streaming. Just go to the link and you can find streaming links to all live football matches. So if you don’t have a TV set or you will be at work at the time of match, there is nothing to worry as you can still watch Liverpool vs Sunderland streaming free

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