Watch Manchester United vs Manchester City game on 25th of March on live streaming for Free

On March 25th, many football fans are looking forward for an exciting game of football between Manchester United and Manchester City. Those who don’t have access to TV during the match are looking for some good live football streaming websites, but don’t worry, we will provide you with a quality live football streaming link (at the end of the article) that can help you watch Manchester United Vs Manchester City match live for free. But first thing first, lets look into team news, statistics and what fans are expecting tomorrow from their teams?
Manchester City is already in Old Trafford to meet their old foe and traditional rival in their home ground. This is the first time in the history of Premier League that the two teams are meeting while one of them, Manchester United, is already out of the race for title while Manchester City is still competing for title. But that doesn’t change anything as far as fan’s expectations are concerned. The intensity of the game is also impervious as Manchester City is looking to grab more points to compensate their recent loss against Chelsea while Manchester United is looking to collect enough points from the Premiere League to secure their place in Europa League.
Statistics to Look For…
Even though, Manchester United has an upper hand in overall record with 69 wins against Manchester City with only 46 loses, but in last four matches, Manchester City won 3. If we talk about home ground advantage, Manchester United has won fewer matches this season in their home ground than the matches won by Manchester United away from their home ground. It looks like that Manchester United is more comfortable in playing a match outside of their home ground this season.
News from the Teams
Team news from both Manchester United and Manchester City is not good as both teams are without their star strikers for the match on 25th March. While Striker Edin Dzeko will have a fitness test tomorrow, Micah Richards, Matija Natasic and Sergio Aguero are alrrady out of the Manchester City team.
The story is also same about Manchester United as they will be missing Rio Ferdand, Chris Smalling and Nemanja Vidic along with their star striker, Robin Van Persie.
Where to Watch Live Manchester United vs Manchester City streaming for free?
Well, during the match, many people may be working or simply don’t have access to TV. But there is nothing to worry about as there are number of live football streaming websites that can allow you watch the match between Manchester City and Manchester United live for free on your computers or even on smart phones. As we promised about one quality live football streaming link in the beginning of the article, here is the link that allows you to watch Manchester United vs Manchester City game live on steaming for free, If you are a football fan, you probably already know about the website as it is a popular free football live streaming site, but if you don’t, just get online on 25th March before the match for uninterrupted quality live football streaming of Manchester United vs Manchester City game.

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